Refined Gold

24K & 22K pure Gold at the best negotiable price. 

"Ready-to-go" Investment Porfolios

The mining sector now contributes 41% of the country’s foreign exchange and is the leading foreign exchange earner.
Gold, the most important mineral, now earns over U$600 million and makes up almost 90% of the
mineral output, and has replaced cocoa as the leading foreign exchange earner. Further, Cameroon is now the second largest producer of gold after South Africa in Africa. We have investment plans that assure increasing profits.

Our Innovations

Sustainable mining Solutions

Climate Change

We have developed a roadmap to decarbonize our operations. The roadmap establishes our emissions reduction targets and describes the practical steps we will take to achieve them while we continue to provide essential production services.

Eco friendly mining equipments

Battery-driven mining equipment is often powerful enough to replace diesel-driven options. Replacing diesel engines with electric engines where possible can significantly reduce the amount of CO2 produced by mining operations.

Reusing mining waste

Mining naturally produces significant amounts of waste— such as tailings, rocks, and wastewater. In many cases, businesses leave waste behind, but we use waste rocks in simple on-site construction, like backfilling voids and reconstructing mined terrain in a way that prevents soil erosion.

Discourage and prosecute illegal miners

Illegal mining remains a significant issue for the industry — for example, experts estimate that around 14,000 people are currently involved in illegal mining in Ghana. GICL launched an operation with the NSA to prosecute artisanal miners with no license