Environment at Clarity Mining Group

We understand that taking a positive approach to social and environmental responsibilities plays a significant part in our operations.

We conduct our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner by rational use of resources and spearheading effective site rehabilitation programmes. 

We are proud to be associated with the deep heritage of the area and, through our operations, we wish to share Clarity Mining Group with the world. Our unique area not only offers spectacular landscape but also a wide variety of fauna and flora, and wild birdlife. The brown hyena also calls Clarity Mining Group its home. From a historical perspective, Clarity Mining Group’s operations host the historical mining town of Bertoua.

To conserve this proud heritage and unique environment, Clarity Mining Group remains committed to implementing rigorous environmental impact management processes by: 

  • Implementing sound procedures and monitoring processes. 
  • Raising environmental awareness amongst our employees and local communities.  
  • Meeting international best practices.

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