Approach at Clarity Mining Group

We understand that taking a positive approach to social and environmental responsibilities plays a significant part in our operations.

Placing value in our workforce, we strive to continuously improve the quality of life of our employees and their families. We also protect our long-term interests by contributing to the sustainable development of the regions where we operate, and the wellbeing of their communities. 

Our approach to maintaining sustainability follows these principles: 

  • We help to maintain stability in the global diamond market and the national and regional economies. 
  • We maintain a continuous engagement and dialogue with stakeholders. 
  • We minimise the negative impact of our industry on the environment. 
  • We ensure the rational use of mineral resources and resource conservation. 
  • We comply with international Ecological and Environmental protection standards. 
  • We develop and introduce innovative technologies to enhance our sustainability efforts. 
  • We follow high principled Corporate Governance principles.

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