Clarity Mining Group
Living a mining heritage and unlocking value.

Welcome to Clarity Mining Group

Clarity Mining Group Ltd is a diversified natural resource company that performs exploration and mining activities in its onshore and offshore licences in Cameroon.


A Diamond’s Journey at Clarity Mining Group


The first step in the diamond commodity chain is the exploration process.


Our mining process includes conventional open pit mining processes adapted for optimum recovery of alluvial deposits.


Once mined, the ore is processed at a main treatment facility utilising DMS (Dense Media Separation)


Rough diamonds are sold on a regulated market to international clients as prescribed by the Kimberly Process.

Our Purpose

We make our key stakeholders’ part of the Clarity legacy and future. Our unique historical background and the environment in which we operate are synonymous with the diverse Cameroonian cultural landscape. Through our operations, we welcome the world to be part of our mining adventure.

To find and mine the most beautiful diamonds and gold in the world.

19 Long Years Of Mining Excellence
With Quality At It's Best!

Since our inception in 2003, we have provided the Cameroon artisanal miners with the best sustainable mining solutions and reached out to international buyers for Cameroon’s finest mineral resources.

Our vision for quality trade makes customers be long-term and we pride ourselves into given nothing but only the best.

Our Services

We are the industry head in providing sustainable mining solutions and pure metallic resources

Surface & Underground Mining

Clarity Mining Group’s mining operations span all major mining areas in Cameroon with sustainability being one of our major goals

Investment Plans and Brokerage

We provide Investment appraisals and plans that will make you build the right portfolio.

Trade of Metallic Resources

Clarity Mining Group deals in the sale of fine and pure metallic resources. We have the finest gold, diamond, etc

Buy 22+ karate pure Gold & Diamond from us at negotiable prices with a contract! International shipping and face-to-face transactions are allowed.

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